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Help us to create a collaborative governing body for Speedflyers and Speedriders around the world. We aim to promote the sport, create community, and develop relationships with authorities, resorts and land owners.
As we grow we hope to offer members the following benefits:● National & global liability insurance ● More legally approved areas and resorts to ride and fly● Travel insurance ● Partner offers● Perks
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The information collected in this form is only for research purposes and we assure you that your data will not be shared with any third-parties. We are a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of Speed Flyers and Speed Riders globally.

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We are a collective of air and wing sport enthusiasts based in Austria, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the USA. 
We aim to establish community between Speed Flyers and Speed Riders, and promote the growth of our small-wing flying family throughout the world. 
We believe in education, safety standards and the development of long term relationships with authorities, resorts, land owners, insurance providers and brands. 
Thank you for being part of this exciting journey! 


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